Herbert Brandl „Bad Romance“ / Künstlerhaus Graz

(c) Herbert Brandl

23.10.2020 – 07.03.2021.

The Künstlerhaus presents an exhibition by Herbert Brandl entitled “Bad Romance”. Herbert Brandl, who is one of the most famous Austrian contemporary artists, creates atmospheric color spaces with his abstract pictorial worlds. Brandl’s fascination for the landscape and the monumentality of the mountain world is reflected not only in the motifs of his paintings, but also in his commitment to nature conservation and against the obstruction of rivers and mountains. In the exhibition “Bad Romance” he will react melancholically and pictorially to the flood of images, crisis and violence.

Herbert Brandl „Bad Romance“
23.10.2020 – 07.03.2021
Künstlerhaus Graz
Burgring 2
8010 Graz