Anna Heindl / Schlossmuseum Linz

(c) Anna Heindl, Blütenkugeln mit Perlen

07.10.2020 – 27.06.2021

In the Schlossmuseum Linz there will be an exhibition of Anna Heindl’s jewelry from October. The complete exhibition shows personal experiences that have turned into jewelry – because the artist transforms every personal experience into a precious object. Along her biography, she develops a cornerstone of her own life with each unique piece. From moving into a house with a garden or the fascination for paintings – Heindl’s fundus is both lived and felt history at the same time. Like a modern alchemist, she often transforms base materials into valuable small sculptures. She is convinced that the work develops a communicative power only when it is worn. For the first time, the Schlossmuseum shows the entire cosmos of the sculptor, painter and jewelry artist from her beginnings to the present day.

Anna Heindl
07.10.2020 – 27.06.2021
Schlossmuseum Linz
Schlossberg 1
4020 Linz