Shutdown, Vorarlberg und Corona / vorarlberg museum

Shutdown. Vorarlberg und Corona

>> temporarily closed from 03.11 << 03.10.2020 – 24.01.2021.

The Vorarlberg museum shows an exhibition with the self-explanatory title “Shutdown, Vorarlberg and Corona”. With the lockdown a “new reality” began and the vorarlberg museum has collected enough material to form an exhibition. The population was invited via digital platforms to submit photos, reports or objects, so that they could later tell a many-voiced story of the “Corona era”. On behalf of the museum, Sarah Mistura photographed the shelves in supermarkets empty after hamster purchases, the barricaded border crossings to Germany, the deserted market place of Dornbirn on a sunny day, and the signs with hints and prohibitions. The author Daniela Egger, also commissioned by the museum, kept a Corona diary. Her texts, Mistura’s photographs – the Corona collection grew daily, accessible to everyone at This was followed by appeals to the public to submit photos, stories or all kinds of things.

Shutdown, Vorarlberg und Corona
03.10.2020 – 24.01.2021
vorarlberg museum
Kornmarktplatz 1
6900 Bregenz