Herbert Golser „Materialgeflüster“ / Bildraum Bodensee, Vorarlberg

(c) Herbert Golser, Ausgebucht 2012, Nussholz Stahl

Reopening 08.12.2020 until 09.02.2021.

From November Bildraum Bodensee will present works by Herbert Golser. For the exhibition, the artist once again explores the limits of his materials and places them in the most precarious conditions. His work always revolves around the urgency and physicality of the material. In the field of tension between the grown and the constructed, Herbert Golser works with predominantly solid materials from nature such as wood, stone, but also metal. Golser precisely cuts the wood into extra-thin strips that bend to gravity like palm fronds, mills meter-high columns out of marble that – as fine as a sheet of paper – question the impossible.

Herbert Golser
Reopening 08.12.2020 until 09.02.2021
Bildraum Bodensee
Seestraße 5
6900 Bregenz