nachrichten von drüben / Forum Stadtpark

Forum Stadtpark (c) Garfield Trummer

18.11.2020 – 06.12.2020. Literature on the outside screen and online.

In “nachrichten von drüben” three authors each from Graz and London write short (literary) “news” for the other city. These short literary “messages” are then sent from Graz to London and from London to Graz for a week, where they are projected into the respective public space. In times of social distancing, literature can thus once again create a common space of experience.

To be seen on the outside screen of the Forum Stadtpark and online on the screen literature magazine “glory hole” on Vimeo.

nachrichten von drüben
18.11. – 06.12.2020
Forum Stadtpark
Stadtpark 1
8010 Graz