Bunte Steine: was bleibt / Wunderkammer Oberösterreich

c) Wunderkammer OÖ, Bunte Steine: was bleibt

11.12.2020 – 28.03.2021. The third edition of the exhibition series by Martin Heller and Julia Stoff.

The Wunderkammer Oberösterreich in the OÖ Kulturquartier presents its third exhibition. “Bunte Steine: was bleibt (Coloured stones: what remains)” jumps into the future with Adalbert Stifter’s title. Visitors move through a stony landscape and follow an audio track developed by the Upper Austrian artist Christoph Mayer chm. together with Andreas Hagelüken – the two of them created the audio trail Gusen, among others.

You can hear stories that the speaking stones might have seen over time, looking back to the present: “What will we have done, and what will have happened to and in the world?

Bunte Steine: was bleibt
Wunderkammer Oberösterreich im OÖ Kulturquartier
OK Platz 1
4020 Linz