Critical Care / VAI, Vorarlberg

(c) Ana Mello

Reopening 09.02. – 30.04.2021.

The planet in crisis mode, this is the theme of an exhibition at VAI in Vorarlberg. Man-made ecological and social catastrophes threaten to make the planet uninhabitable. The situation seems critical and dominated by the interests of capital, architecture and urbanism are entangled in the crisis. “Critical Care” is a plea for a new attitude: for an architecture and urbanism of caring. The exhibition curated by Angelika Fitz and Elke Krasny is a plea for an architecture of care and cooperation. The selected international project examples show this by means of very concrete situations. The starting point for conservation, continuation and repair of the planet in crisis are always the specific local conditions and challenges: Earthquake-resistant and sustainable village development in China, flood protection through traditional low-CO2 building techniques in Pakistan and Bangladesh, the diverse reuse of modernist buildings in Brazil and Europe, an ecological community land trust in Puerto Rico, the revitalization of historic irrigation systems in Spain, new concepts for public spaces and mixed-use neighborhoods in Vienna, London and Nairobi. The exhibition is rich in examples of how things can be done differently.

Critical Care
Reopening 09.02. – 30.04.2021
VAI Vorarlberger Architektur Institut
Marktstraße 33
6850 Dornbirn