May-Britt Nyberg-Chromy „Konferenz der Möwen“ / Schauraum ZollART, Vorarlberg

(c) Nyberg Chromy May-Britt 2021, Seemöwe im Anflug

01.03. – 08.05.2021.

At Schauraum ZollART in Koblach, Vorarlberg you can visit the exhibition “Conference of the Seagulls”. The artist May-Britt Nyberg-Chromy has gathered the most diverse species of seagulls in her exhibition in order to draw attention to climate change and related phenomena. The spectrum ranges from the black-headed gull to the herring gull. Ultimately, Nyberg-Chromy’s seagull installation, which is accompanied by a widely audible seagull sound cluster, is also a reference to her original home country of Denmark, where she grew up on a fjord.

May-Britt Nyberg-Chromy „Konferenz der Möwen“
01.03. – 08.05.2021
Schauraum ZollART
Falle 10
6842 Koblach