Anna & Maria Ritsch „Together Apart“ / Flatz Museum, Dornbirn

(c) Anna & Maria Ritsch, Flatz Museum

12.02. – 12.06.2021.

The Flatz Museum in Dornbirn exhibits the photographic works of the sisters Anna and Maria Ritsch. The sisters now live in New York and Vienna, but are originally from Dornbirn. In their works one can recognize motifs of touching, in the literal as well as in the figurative sense. Otherwise one sees portraits, body shots, still lifes and landscape shots. The skin as a boundary as well as a contact surface, in which the “inside” meets the “outside”, is a frequently image-guiding element.

Anna & Maria Ritsch „Together Apart“
12.02. – 12.06.2021
Flatz Museum Dornbirn
Marktstraße 33
6850 Dornbirn