Graz Kulturjahr 2020: Club Hybrid / Graz

(c) Club Hybrid

25.06.2020 – 15.08.2021.

Club Hybrid is an open demonstrative building that will be a place for experimentation, display, and discourse in the summer of 2021.

With changing residencies and daily program points, Club Hybrid is workshop and stage in an urban “fog zone” for two months. Scientific, artistic and activist formats rehearse new working and living practices and discuss aspects of urban participation, urban development and hybridity.

Club Hybrid is an active intervention: during the season, the club questions the existing conditions of current planning policies and explores or discusses ways in which the current limitations of space can be stretched and reinterpreted – an urban and applied practice of (beautiful) living and producing.

Instead of a short-lived structure that is dismantled at the end of the season, the Club Hybrid is designed as a usable shell that is to be further developed into a permanent urban object. Anticipating future uses, in a balance of openness and commitment, is part of the concept and has been debated and developed with interested parties in real and virtual meetings since the start of the project.

Guests: AKT, Martin Behr und Martin Osterider, Beatrice Bucher, Franz Kapfer, Franz Konrad, Milan Majalkovic und Katharina Urbanek, Folke Köbberling, Heidi Schatzl, Lotte Schreiber, Stoiser Wallmüller Architekten, Bernd Vlay, Kai Vöckler, wohnlabor., u.v.m.

Idea and concept: Heidi Pretterhofer and Michael Rieper

Project executing organization: MVD Austria, Association for the Promotion of Art, Architecture, Music and Film

Club Hybrid
25.06.2020 – 15.08.2021