Wild Youth / Lentos, Linz

(c) Wilde Kindheit, Alain Laboile Boudin, 2013

12.05. – 05.09.2021.

The Lentos in Linz is showing an exhibition entitled “Wilde Kindheit”. “I’ve never tried this before, so I’m completely sure I can do it,” Pippi Longstocking declares. We would wish such self-assurance for our children, but do they currently have the chance to live it up unchecked? Today’s overprotection by helicopter and lawnmower parents and advancing digitalization, which restricts children’s urge to move and discover, make us doubt this. Children survive the most absurd educational concepts, as well as war, social misery, neglect or abuse, but at what price?

With 170 artists, the exhibition shows positions from 1900 to today, which document childlike happiness as well as frustration critically, realistically differentiated, but also with a lot of irony and humor. They make us aware that it is up to us to give our children a childhood worth remembering. Hemma Schmutz, artistic director of the Lentos, shows once again that she, together with her team, knows how to offer an exciting and appealing program.  

Wild Youth
12.05. – 05.09.2021
Lentos Kunstmuseum
Ernst-Koref-Promenade 1
4020 Linz