LINZ FMR 21 / Linz

(c) yarlilam, dithered wide

01. – 06.06.2021.

With LINZ FMR, Linz presents a biennial format for art in digital contexts and public spaces. The festival, whose title alludes to transience and ephemerality, presents works whose initial ideas are to be found in virtual and/or digital space or have a strong connection to it, but which are shown (sometimes in transformed form) in the physical environment of the city of Linz. On view this year are works by Edurne Herrán, Jaakko Myyri, Kyriaki Goni, Simon Weckert, Yarli Lam and Zara Worth.

LINZ FMR 21 is curated and organized by the independent artist collective qujOchÖ, the net culture initiative, the Atelierhaus Salzamt, the Linz Art University and the Sturm und Drang Gallery.

FMR 21 
01. – 06.06.2021

Mühlkreisbahnhof Linz Urfahr 
4040 Linz