Rudolf Wäger | A pioneer in Vorarlberg

Die Fotografie ist von Markus Gohm und zeigt das „Würfelhaus, Götzis 1965“ von Rudolf Wäger

27.05. – 04.09.2021.

The v.a.i., Vorarlberg Architecture Institute, is dedicating an exhibition to Rudolf Wäger. The exhibition is curated by Markus Gohm, Marina Hämmerle, Martina Pfeifer Steiner.

Rudolf Wäger is considered an exceptional figure in Austria’s architectural landscape. The carpenter and self-taught architect succeeded in his work away from academic consecrations and commercial certificates. His buildings are an indispensable part of the so-called Vorarlberger Bauschule (Vorarlberg school of building) and were received with great attention on a local, national and international level.
Wäger is regarded as a pioneer and was also a formative member of the “Baukünstler”, this epitome of collegial solidarity and craftsmanship established far beyond the borders of Vorarlberg. Monograph and exhibition on Wäger’s work shed light for the first time on one of the pioneers of this highly regarded building culture movement in Vorarlberg.

The exhibition atmospherically recreates his constructive and spatial approaches in an installation with large-format photographs and shows original furniture and small sculptures. It also sketches an overview of his 120 buildings with a series of photo miniatures from the AzW archive and traces groups of works on the basis of plans. Video-recorded conversations with Rudolf Wäger complete the picture of the building artist.

Rudolf Wäger | A pioneer in Vorarlberg 
27.05. – 04.09.2021
v.a.i. Vorarlberger Architektur Institut
Marktstraße 33
6850 Dornbirn