TRICKY WOMEN: Tricky Women Film program

(c) Anna Vasof

No one can forbid us to travel in our heads. What could generally apply as a motto for the imaginative, touching, amusing and critical films of young female animators has gained an additional dimension in lockdown times. 

Every year, the “Tricky-Women / Tricky Realities” Film Festival offers young female animation filmmakers a stage to present their work. This year, however, this was only possible online due to the pandemic. 

Waltraud Grausgruber sees this circumstance with mixed feelings. On the one hand, the essence of a festival is the direct personal encounter. On the other hand, the festival’s move to the Internet has opened up the program to a much wider audience: “During the festival days, we had viewers from over 70 countries. And the number of views was higher than at a normal festival,” Grausgruber is nevertheless satisfied. What is clear to her, however, is that the Tricky- Women Festival will have to be held live in Vienna again next time. 

For several years now, a cooperation between the Tricky Women Festival and the Section for Cultural Relations Abroad of the Austrian Ministry for Foreign Affairs has ensured the international distribution of selected films from the program: a selection of films from the festival is presented worldwide in cooperation with the Austrian Cultural Forums and cultural departments of the Austrian embassies. 

“Of journeys, affairs of the heart and peripheries”: This is the motto of this year’s Tricky Women Filmroll program. The Austrian Cultural Forums around the world, with their on-site networks and complementary supporting programs, are providing the predominantly younger women filmmakers presented in this program an important additional international stage for their work. For the time being, due to the pandemic, the Tricky-Women film reel will be presented at regional online events. However, these will be embedded in on-site collaborations, creating opportunities for women filmmakers to engage in bilateral exchange as well. 

The films selected for this program tell of the love of life, the fear of life, ancient myths and modern encounters. About journeys that are arduous, dangerous, involuntary or self-chosen. 

In her film “In Her Boots”, Kathrin Steinbach- er from Salzburg takes an uncommonly tender and humorous look at “Grandma Hedi” who is suffering from dementia. Veronika Schubert reassembles catchphrases and template-like sequences of You-Tube influencers. And Ani Antonova, with 5,000 pencil images drawn by hand on paper, resurrects the involuntary “migration story” of the 16th-century elephant Suleyman, whose fate took him from Ceylon to Lisbon to the Viennese court, where his life’s journey ended as a living gift for Maximilian II. 

The Tricky Women film reel makes it clear: Limits exist only because of the pandemic. But not for the imagination. 

Tricky Women Filmrolle 

„Von Reisen, Herzensangelegenheiten und Peripherien“ 

Linzer Lust | Linz Delight
Maya Yonesho, AT/DE 2019, 3’17 
Vermessung der Distanz | Measuring the Distance
Susi Jirkuff, AT 2019, 7‘
The Outlander
Ani Antonova, AT 2018, 5’
Shaul und Iwan | Shaul And Ivan 
Rebecca Akoun, AT 2019, 9’50 
Veronika Schubert, AT 2019, 3’50
Lieb Dich | Love You
Sabine Groschup, AT 2019, 8’
Beate Hecher und Markus Keim, AT 2020, 13‘35
Who’s Afraid Of RGB
Billy Roisz, AT 2019, 8’20
In Her Boots
Kathrin Steinbacher, AT/UK 2019, 6’02 
Cardiograph, AT 2018, 1’40
Explosive Speech, AT 2017, 2’00 
Shaping Waves, AT 2018, 1’45
Glass Wall
Anna Vasof, AT 2017, 2’07 

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