Weiterknüpfen / Schauraum Zollart, Koblach Vorarlberg

(c) Franziska Stiegholzer / Dorothea Rosenstock

16.05. – 17.07.2021.

Woolen threads & rubber hoses: works by Franziska Stiegholzer and Dorothea Rosenstock are on display. It is about continuing to weave in the truest sense of the word: existing and earlier works are integrated into an installation. The artists have taken paper yarn, rubber tubes and woolen threads in their hands and knotted them together anew. Traditional textile techniques and materials are thus brought out and shown in a new context, these are the themes that occupy the two artists.

Franziska Stiegholzer und Dorothea Rosenstock
16.05. – 17.07.2021
Schauraum Zollart
Falle 10
6842 Koblach