Justine Emard: The Birth of the Robots / esc medien kunst labor, Graz

(c) The Birth of the Robots, Justine Emard

20.05. – 16.07.2021.

La nuit des temps and Coexistences – with these two works by artist Justine Emard, the esc opens its doors, including at the Mausoleum in Graz. The works of Justine Emard move at the intersection of robotics, neuroscience, artificial intelligence and organic life. At first glance, they oscillate between the opposing poles of technology and spirituality, exploring new relationships, between man and machine. In Emard’s works, artificial creatures inhabit ancient myths, immerse themselves in the laboratories of alchemists, appear today in virtual (image) worlds, and live alongside us as humanoids. An installation can be seen at the Mausoleum in Graz and the video installation Coexistences can be viewed at esc medien kunst labor. The opening lecture for “The Birth of the Robots” will be given by Lisz Hirn. The video works are inspired by Shintoism, Emard has been working with Japanese scientists since 2016. The resulting video works Co(AI)xistence (2017), Soul Shift (2018) and Symbiotic Rituals (2019) signify a body of work that is at once technological, poetic and visual.

Justine Emard: The Birth of the Robots
20.05. – 16.07.2021
esc medien kunst labor
Bürgergasse 5
8020 Graz