Bernd Oppl / Lentos, Linz

(c) Hidden Rooms, Bernd Oppl

02.06. – 29.08.2021.

Austrian artist Bernd Oppl produces video sculptures that question and at the same time re-explore our perception of space. The central work of this show is the installation SCREENING ROOM. Looking into a black peep-box, the classical situation of a screening room with seating and a projection screen becomes visible. After a short time, the viewer’s self-image then appears on the miniaturized screen. A clever and multi-layered conundrum of voyeuristic position, cinema, selfie and immersion.

Bernd Oppl’s spatial narratives and objects are sensual and technically cool at the same time: they captivate us with their precise and thoughtful execution, but at the same time they lead us to consider our views on space, media, and perception, and thus also signify an engagement with ourselves. The installations and objects show how we engage with architecture, film, media and the resulting interstices.

Bernd Oppl is a featured artist at Crossing Europe.

Bernd Oppl 
02.06. – 29.08.2021
Lentos  Kunstmuseum
Ernst-Koref-Promenade 1
4020 Linz