Murszene 2021/ Murinsel, Graz

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The Murszene presents world music in all its facets. So you can confidently embark on a musical journey around the world: from klezmer from the Städtl to wedding music from the Carpathians, via Caribbean salsa to gipsy swing. The return journey takes us via Italy and Albania to Brazil. Street funk and chamber music jazz also have their place at the Murszene. Special access rules apply, seats on the Murinsel are limited. Details and reservation can be found online.

22.07.                 Moritz Weiß & Klezmer Explosion                   

23.07.                 Federica Ferrari- A Jóia Escondida 

24.07.                 Jon Sass& Friends                                         

29.07.                 GROOVE mit R. Wressnig, H. Sokal, A. Deutsch   

30.07.                 Patrick Dunst: Urban Dialects                         

31.07.                 Hudaki Village Band- Hochzeitmusik aus den ukrainischen Karpaten

05.08.                 Harri Stojka Hot Swing Trio                             

06.08.                 Paier-Valcic-Preinfalk                                     

07.08.                 Frabrizio Consoli Banda                                          

12.08.                 Orges & Ockus- Rockus Band                        

13.08.                 The Max. BOOGALOOs                                          

14.08.                 Ismael Barrios Septeto Caribe                                                            

Murszene 2021
auf der Murinsel 
Lendkai 19
8020 Graz