How are you doing? / FAQ Bregenzerwald, Vorarlberg

(c) Ian Ehm, Aufbruch in eine bessere Welt: Beim Festival FAQ-Bregenzerwald machen sich die Besucher gemeinsam auf den Weg.

30.08. – 05.09.2021.

How does democracy work? The FAQ-Bregenzerwald examines how democracy can succeed in everyday life.

Seriously? This question seems more thanjustified when we look at the way someof our country‘s highest authorities are currentlydealing with the fundamental constitutionalinstitutions of our democracy. Sohow can democracy really (still) function?In the picturesque scenery of the Bregenzerwald,far away from the political bubblein the hydrocephalus of Vienna, the FestivalFAQ Bregenzerwald poses a simple question: „How does it work?

How does democracy work? But also: How are we doing as a society, in a populist heated social climate and exhausted after a year and a half of pandemic.

The FAQ Bregenzerwald approaches a question that is perhaps not asked „frequently“ enough in its usual complex yet easily accessible way. And there is no system criticism at the center of the discussion, which claims to know better. No! It is about you and me, about each individual and what we can do and contribute so that the question of „how to do it“ flows easily, perhaps answered, but in any case leads to participation and selfresponsibility.

The call of the FAQ Bregenzerwald is therefore directed to all questioners and seekers, for a better and more livable world. The program includes workshops, talks and concerts in an enchanting landscape, surrounded by insights and views, music and regional delicacies.

It begins with workshop days, where you can learn from Philipp Oberlohr how to do the impossible and rediscover yourself and your play instinct. Death researcher Martin Prein explores the question „How does the end go?“ In an examination of death, whichis not at all welcome in our society and yettakes place every day, this question is morethan explosive. Who attends a „last aidcourse“ anyway? Yet this last journey is ofthe utmost importance not only for the personwho is leaving, but above all for thosewho are left behind.In the talk sessions, the centrally posedquestions about hospitality, democracy andthe future will be asked. Gerald Knaus andEva Grabherr explore hospitality betweenopenness and boundary setting. AlexandraFöderl-Schmid moderates „How does democracywork“ in conversation with DianaKinnert and Peter Bussjäger. How educationis brought up-to-date, the flaws in thesystem and opportunities for the future arediscussed by Paulus Hochgatterer, MelissaErfurt and Markus Hengstschläger.Conversations between Armin Wolf andPeter Filzmaier, among others, readings byStefanie Sargnagel and Priya Basil, earlymorning runs and culinary morning walksround off the program.Between culture and nature, encounters andmovement take place at eye level as the politicsof everyday life are illuminated. The focusis on each individual, with the question,„What can I do?“

„How‘s it going?“.

FAQ Bregenzerwald
30.08. – 05.09.2021