Ida Maly „Zwischen den Stilen“ / Lentos, Linz

(c) Ida S. Maly, Selbstporträt um 1920

22.10.21 – 09.01.2022.

The Lentos shows works of the artist Ida Maly in an exhibition. The life and work of the Austrian artist Ida Maly (1894-1941) were shaped by the political and social upheavals of her time. She initially studied in Graz and Vienna before spending extended periods in Munich, Berlin and Paris from 1918. During this time she played sports as an amateur and worked as a freelance artist. However, increasingly precarious living conditions affected her from the 1920s onwards.

Maly left behind a multi-layered oeuvre that unfortunately could not fully unfold. Maly was committed to a psychiatric institution in 1928 and became a victim of the cruel Nazi euthanasia in 1941 at the age of 46.

On the basis of selected works, the exhibition traces the life of Ida Maly and shows how the artist moved between styles and found her artistic form of expression.

Ida Maly „Zwischen den Stilen“ 
22.10.21 – 09.01.2022
Lentos Kunstmuseum
Doktor-Ernst-Koref-Promenade 1
4020 Linz