Out of Joint – The Literature Festival at steirischer herbst / Literaturhaus Graz

(c) Michael Köhlmeier. Credit: Burgtheater Wien.

4. – 08.10.2021.

What to write? What to read? What to do?

It was the plague – the black horror that made people shudder and die. Giovanni Boccaccio’s Decamerone best and most vividly captures the mood and the stories people told themselves to keep themselves happy and protected.
While between 1346 and 1352 a third of the population of Europe, that was 20 to 25 million people at that time, were carried off by the plague, nowadays one can smile a little.

This year, as part of steirischer herbst, entitled “Out of Joint: Was schreiben? What to read? What to do?” a literature festival is taking place for the first time. Inspired by the Decamerone, in which seven women and three men retire to a Florentine country estate with 10 stories in their luggage, authors unpack texts that seem to be the right ones right now – to be written, read and heard.

Questions that arise are asked and addressed. “What have we learned from the pandemic?” Do we need to change our lives? Is there a way back?

A new Decamerone is being knitted, culminating in the literary show “Robots with Mustard,” which is deluded into thinking that everything should be forgotten as quickly as possible.

Out of Joint
The Literature Festival at steirischer herbst
4. – 08.10.2021
Literaturhaus Graz
Elisabethstraße 30
8010 Graz