Cancelled! 21. Österreichische Theatersport-Meisterschaften / Posthof, Linz

(c) 20. Österr. Theatersport-Meisterschaft: Sieger "Theater im Bahnhof (G)". Foto: Guenther Groeger.

01. – 04.12.2021.

They compete and measure their theatrical greatness! an ihrer theatralischen Größe!

A year off, like almost everywhere else, and now it’s that time again.

The 21st Austrian Theatrical Sports Championships turn the Posthof in Linz into a stage for Austria’s best eight domestic improtheater ensembles.

And as befits a championship, there will be quarter, semi-finals and finals, and at the end, a champion!

The exact program can be found on the Posthof Linz homepage.

21. Österreichische Theatersport-Meisterschaften
01. – 04.12.2021
posthof – Zeitkultur am Hafen
Posthofstrasse 43
4020 Linz