Dear Government! Letters from the Guts of the Republic / Online, Theater im Bahnhof, Graz

(c) Theater im Bahnhof, Dear Government! Letters form the Guts of the Republic, 2021.

11.12. – 22.12.2021.

Spoken from the guts!

There is a deep chasm between the Austrian government and the Austrian people. It is as if Austria were no longer a democratic republic.

The chasm makes itself visible between what the government says and does and what the people want and need. Lack of understanding and alienation are on the agenda.

The Theater im Bahnhof takes on this misery and starts the attempt of a rapprochement. In writing! Online!

The people, the audience is asked to write letters to members of the current federal government or to other political leaders. These letters will be presented as monologues on five evenings. Each evening different voices.

Write to:!

The letters, as well as images, objects and other left-overs from the performances, will remain as the installation “LOVE GOVERNMENT. THE STUDIO” and will be open to the public at certain times like an exhibition.

Dear Government! Letters from the Guts of the Republic
11.12. – 22.12.2021
Theater im Bahnhof