Neujahrsjazzfestival / Theater am Saumarkt, Vorarlberg

(c) Philadelphy Trio mit Martin Eberle. Neujahrsjazzfestival, Theater am Saumarkt, Vorarlberg.

06. – 08.01.2022.

Three days of jazz at its best to start the new year!

The Theater am Saumarkt presents musical creativity, a view between micro- and markocosmos and throbbing rhythms as pointed comments.

With the Philadelphy Trio with Martin Eberle: Retrograde, the OWLS: Wendoline’s Monocle and the ensemble Kuhle Wampe.

06. – 08.01.2022
Theater am Saumarkt
Mühletorplatz 1
6800 Feldkirch