Darja Shatalova: PLAN D / periscope:project:space, Salzburg

(c) Darja Shatalova,

21.12.2021 – 22.01.2022.

Digital Data Discourse!

The installation work by Darja Shatalova consists of the collection and visualization of data, through which a spatial map of periscope’s artistic-curatorial activity is created. It creates a visual network of actors who have shaped the program of the exhibition space since its online presence in 2014.

Plan D thematically takes up the aspects of data privacy and data disclosure in the digital space and investigates what information artists* and curators* publish about themselves to create their digital identity. In a time of rapid digitalization, the work questions the extent to which this process can still be consciously controlled by the individual.

Darja Shatalova: PLAN D
21.12.2021 – 22.01.2022
Sterneckstraße 10
5020 Salzburg