Marko Zink, Reinold Amann, „… im Erdgeschoss“ / Künstlerhaus im Palais Thurn und Taxis Bregenz, Vorarlberg

(c) Marko Zink

22.01. – 06.03.2022.

A house full of art! A house for art!

Marko Zink tells stories in his works. They are inconsistencies that you have to make up yourself. He is a constructor of reality, puts things together that were previously alien to each other. Elfriede Jelinek is a deconstructivist. She disassembles what is found and supposedly inseparable into its individual parts, thereby making hidden inner life visible. When reading Jelinek’s two texts, it becomes clear that his artistic approach and her literary approach, seemingly contradictory, actually complement each other congenially. What Zink shows, Jelinek expresses. What is man? Especially when he seems to be half animal at one time, half machine at another? What part would then remain for ourselves?

Reinold Amann deals with order and chaos in his exhibition. The structures of our universe and also of our world today have their origin in chaos. Gradually, structures emerged from this chaos. These structures are characterized by mathematical principles and the essence of self-organization. He wants to fathom this process of change on various levels and explore and make it visible with his own visual and textual language.

On the first floor of the Künstlerhaus, the new format “…im Erdgeschoss” takes place every two weeks. The artists of the BVKV exhibit their works.

Marko Zink, Reinold Amann, Im Erdgeschoss
22.01. – 06.03.2022
Künstlerhaus im Palais Thurn und Taxis Bregenz
Gallusstraße 10a
6900 Bregenz