intimacy/privacy / FORUM STADTPARK, Graz

(c) intimacy/privacy, FORUM STADTPARK, 2022.

12.02. – 05.03.2022.

Every entering into relationship has something intimate!

We meet each other at our borders! Photography as an image can be representative. But it can also cross the boundary of intimacy and enter deep into the privacy of the individual or society.

In the history of photography, this paradox of intimacy, privacy and public representation has often been revealed in retrospect. Dorothea Lange had an official assignment from the Farm Security Administration, and in the process she produced what is probably her most famous portrait of the “Migrant Mother.” A prime example of how on one hand photography can be invasive and at the same time produce a famous work of art.

In his series “The Countryside” Manfred Willmann portrayed the rural environment in southwestern Styria. In doing so, he created a very intimate picture of how people live in the countryside.

It is always a matter of entering into a relationship!

In the exhibition in the FORUM STADTPARK works of photo artists*innen in the tension of intimacy/privacy are to be seen publicly!

12.02. – 05.03.2022
Stadtpark 1
8010 Graz