Auftritt der Frauen: Künstlerinnen in Linz 1851 – 1950 / Nordico, Linz

(c) Unknown, Agathe Schwabenau painting outdoors in Majola, undated. Hofmann estate. Reproduction: Thomas Hackl. (detail)

20.05. – 09.10.2022.

Art is a female business!

The conditions for women who wanted to become artists in the mid-19th century were poor in Upper Austria as well, due to disadvantages in education and restricted access to artists’ associations.

Nevertheless, some Linz artists managed to successfully build a career beyond amateurism.

A significant role played the commitment of the painter Agathe Schwabenau, who was born in 1857 and was involved in the Upper Austrian Art Association and founded a painting school. Her numerous biographical notes and memoirs provide a lively insight into the challenges that a woman’s and artist’s life held in store for the first half of the 20th century.

The exhibition “Auftritt der Frauen” focuses on around 100 years of artistic creation by courageous, emancipated women. The local art historiography is not only corrected but it is also making clear that female artists were not only present in the local art scene since 1851, but rather there was a lively exchange between the female art scene of Linz with Vienna, Salzburg, Düsseldorf, Munich and Berlin.

Auftritt der Frauen: Künstlerinnen in Linz 1851 – 1950
20.05. – 09.10.2022
Stadtmuseum Linz
Dametzstraße 23
4020 Linz