The non-fungible body?: Ephemere Ökonomien / OK Linz

(c) Xie Rong (Echo Morgan), The Story of the Sone, Leipzig 2019.

17. – 20.06.2022.

Keeping transience in the picture!

This year, for the first time, the performance festival “The non-fungible body?” will take place at OK Linz. Performances will be shown that address the “non-fungibility” of the body, the archiving of somatic practice and the cultural significance of live performance in the (post) pandemic era.

Performance art focuses on the processual, the momentary, the presence of the singular body. As a situational, ephemeral art form, it questions the commodity form of artistic works, as well as the separability of artist and work.

The festival places a special emphasis on the possibilities that digital media and the NFT format open up for the conception, documentation and dissemination of performance works.
The performance program will be complemented by public talks, a workshop and a publication.

Ephemere Ökonomien: The non-fungible body?
17. – 20.06.2022
OK Linz
OK Platz 1
4020 Linz