Bill Viola, Museum der Moderne Salzburg

Bill Viola, The Raft, 2004, Video, Courtsey of Bill Viola Studio © Bill Viola

16.07. – 30.10. 2022

Homage to a pioneer of media art.

Bill Viola is considered one of the pioneers of video and media art. As early as the early 1970s, he was consistently using the latest electronic technologies and creating haunting video and sound installations that address the question of life and being.

His sometimes expansive and immersive works are visually seductive and highly rational and at the same time deeply intuitive. Viola’s attention is focused on the special interaction between the images and the viewer. In the artist’s opinion, the works unfold their effect not only on the video screen, but above all in the minds of those who have experienced them themselves as viewers.

The Museum der Moderne Salzburg is dedicating a comprehensive exhibition to the American video and installation artist Bill Viola (1951 New York, NY, US – Long Beach, CA, US), which offers an overview of his 50-year oeuvre.

Museum der Moderne Salzburg
16.07. – 30.10. 2022