Elfie Semotan – All Personal / Fotohof Salzburg

The Fotohof Salzburg is dedicating an exhibition to the grande dame of Austrian photography. © Elfie Semotan.

05.08 – 24.09 2022

Elfie Semotan has achieved world fame primarily as a portrait photographer. The All Personal exhibition at Fotohof Salzburg now gives an insight into her little-known private photo archive.

Elfie Semoten’s versatile work goes far beyond her well-known portrait work. With a large personal exhibition with photographic works from almost 6 decades, the Fotohof Salzburg outlines a much more comprehensive picture of the doyenne of Austrian photography.

The exhibition focuses on Elfie Semotan’s hitherto little-known private archive and thus reveals the persistent interest with which she investigates the topics that concern her. Semotan is considered one of the early important representatives of author photography in Austria. The exhibition also makes visible her special ability to use her photographic gaze to lend poetry to trivial things in the material world.

However, the focus of her interest is always the people:

“For me, beauty comes from a mixture of an interesting exterior and a person’s inner personality. It gets better and better the older you get. There are people who keep getting more beautiful. Because they grow into their personality, so to speak,” Elfie Semotan once said in an interview with the world.

Elfie Semotan – All Personal
05.08 – 24.09 2022
Fotohof Salzburg