The Vienna Model of Radicalisation – Austria and the Shoah / Budapest

What many would still prefer to remain silent about: The Shoah had a particularly perfidious history in Austria. © Lorenz Paulus / hdgö

From 08.23.2022

Austria played a disturbing role in the Shoah. An exhibition by the Haus der Geschichte Österreich, which will be shown from August in cooperation with the Austrian Cultural Forum Budapest in the Budapest Holocaust Memorial Center, deals with the specifically Austrian aspects of the Shoah. 

In the context of this exhibition, the curatorial team Michaela Raggam-Blesch, Heidemarie Uhl and Isolde Vogel examines the specific role of Vienna as the driving force behind the radicalization of anti-Semitism in the Nazi state. From the organization of the deportations to the Nazi death camps to Jewish self-help and the courageous resistance of individuals. 

The Austrian Cultural Forum Budapest is organizing the opening of the exhibition in Budapest 

The Vienna Model of Radicalization – Austria and the Shoah 
Budapest / Holocaust Memorial Center / Austrian Cultural Forum 
From 08.23.2022