Mountain Movie Festival ’22 / Salzburg

09.11. – 20.11. 2022

The mountain film festival “Abenteuer Berg – Abenteuer Film 2022” is once again a guest in the Salzburg arthouse cinema “Das Kino”.

This year’s festival will, among other topics, deal critically with the developments in high-altitude mountaineering in the Himalayas since the 1970s.

Stefan Voitl, mountaineer and photographer observed in 4 trips to Nepal how alpinism shapes the region. On one of the trips he climbed the Lunag Ri, which was still unclimbed at the time, with David Lama and Conrad Anker. An experience that completely changed the life of the trained electrician.

The Pinzgau alpinist Peter Wörgötter was on five eight-thousanders at the time. At the mountain film festival, he shows a selection of the best original film documents. Only shower when it has rained enough: Harald Philipp and Katharina Fritzenwallner move into a 300-year-old stone house in the mountains on their bikes and grow vegetables. The nearest supermarket is 40 kilometers away.

Bergfilmfestival ’22
09.11. – 20.11. 2022
Salzburg, DAS KINO