DAS FEST. Zwischen Repräsentation und Aufruhr / MAK Wien

DAS FEST. Zwischen Repräsentation und Aufruhr; Herwig Weiser, untitled (MAK Vienna), 2021 Der Künstler inszeniert James Turrells permanente Lichtinstallation MAKlite (2004/2018). © Herwig Weiser

14.12. 2022 – 23.04. 2023

Celebrations, parties and festivals have always oscillated between the two poles of Dionysian ecstasy and Apollonian austere solemnity. The MAK in Vienna is devoting the exhibition “DAS FEST. Between Representation and Riot” to this topic.

Festivals are fleeting events. Thematically there are hardly any limits. There are celebrations for religious or political reasons. For tradition or just for entertainment and amusement. They reflect social conditions and are a common expression of the most diverse subcultures in our societies.

Again and again, designers from art, architecture, design and music have dealt with the design of festivals and their framework. At the same time, their contributions to festivals also make the aesthetic design strategies of ideological or cultural attempts at self-definition visible.

Whether daring rococo masked balls, festivals of the artistic avant-garde of the inter- and post-war period or forbidden raves: they are all remembered, discussed and celebrated with their subversive power in DAS FEST.

DAS FEST. Zwischen Repräsentation und Aufruhr
14.12. 2022 – 23.04. 2023
Wien, MAK – Museum für angewandte Kunst