mein Körper : meine Maschine / Graz

23.09. – 18.11. 2022

Will we be able to overcome the biological limits of decay and death in the human body with the help of biotechnology and artificial intelligence in just a few decades?

An exhibition project in the “esc media art laboratory” explores the question: How much is my body still my body?

Michel Focault sees the human body as a target subject that the most diverse interest groups are already accessing. About fashion and aesthetic ideals, movement and nutritional data collections, prostheses, implants, brain-computer interfaces and other technical extensions.

The pressure and influence of corporations and regimes on the body of individuals is constantly increasing. It is  mandatory that one allows certain data collections about our body and its movements by specific apps. Denial to comply will result in sanctions. From corporations and universities that impose fitness programs on their employees and students, to the totalitarian regime in China that criminalizes not using certain cell phone features.

The euphoric vision of the Google program developer Ray Kurzweil, who claims that with the help of biotechnology and artificial intelligence, humanity will have overcome its biological limits, i.e. the decay and death of the body, in the year 2045 raises new questions. Are we already there thereby giving up our physical existence, in the sense of Paul Virilio, according to which our shut-down bodies are only shells of our selves, digital interfaces, being as a constant online being in a never-ending stream of data?

mein Körper : meine Maschine
16.09. 2022 from 7 p.m.: start of the autumn season with a preview of the exhibition
23.09. – 18.11. 2022
esc medien kunst labor
Graz, Bürgergasse 5