Feminist Futures Festival / SZENE Salzburg

Damir Šagolj. Selma Selman, Platinum, Detail, 2021

25.11. – 02.12. 2022

FEMINIST FUTURES is a Europe-wide project of the “advancing performing arts project apap”. The network was founded with the ambitious goal of addressing inequality in contemporary performing arts by using the body of thought summarized under the term intersectional feminism to find concrete structural answers and raise public awareness.

Not only the artists, their works and event formats focus on this, but also the network itself, each partner institution examines its own working methods and relationships against this background.

In this sense, the FEMINIST FUTURES Festival can also be understood as an interim assessment of the work of the apap network, which at the same time also brings new dynamics into these processes. For example with the help of a traveling feminist school. It is a learning exchange program outside of Europe, attempts to give local groups access to the performing arts, a mentoring program for young critics, writers or writing artists.

In Austria, the SZENE Salzburg is a partner of this network, which will host the FEMINIST FUTURES Festival in Austria.

Szene Salzburg: Feminist Futures Festival
25.11. 02.12. 2022
Salzburg, Anton-Neumayr-Platz 2