Verhüllung und Verheißung. Immobilienwerbung im öffentlichen Raum / HDA – Haus der Architektur Graz

Baustellenserie Mailand

22.09. – 30.10. 2022

Large-scale real estate advertising in public spaces can fundamentally change the perception of entire squares and streets. However, it is often the buildings themselves, which are under construction or being renovated, that are shown on the large-scale banners on the scaffolding.

The exhibition “Concealment and Promise” investigates the phenomenon of real estate advertising in public space. Photographs by the photographer Hans Georg Esch of posters from different parts of the world are juxtaposed with texts by Reinier de Graaf, AMO/OMA, image analyzes by the graphic designer Rosa Nussbaum and an installation by the artist Sven Borger.

The depictions promise the “most beautiful apartment” or the “ideal city district”. You can see happy people, lots of greenery and trees, fountains, children playing and relaxed seniors.

Depictions with which the later social reality and design of the outdoor facilities often have little to do. The renderings make promises of an ideal world in which one would like to live. These illusions, contribute to the rising real estate prices, while larger and larger parts of the population can no longer afford this expensive new living space.

The exhibition at HdA Graz deals with this discrepancy between appearance and reality.

Verhüllung und Verheißung. Immobilienwerbung im öffentlichen Raum
22.09. – 30.10. 2022
HDA – Haus der Architektur
Mariahilferstraße 2, Graz