Günther Selichar: Schirmherrschaft / MdM Salzburg

26.11. 2022 – 05.03. 2023

The Linz media artist and photographer Günther Selichar often deals with the technological aspects of mass media in his work. The focus is often on dealing with the relationship between technology and perception.

Selichar analyzes the interaction between humans and media machines. With both a scientific and a philosophical perspective, the artist observes the perception of reality filtered through the mass media. The screen, which pervades our everyday life and only allows us a supposedly undisguised and unlimited view of what is actually happening, plays an essential role – as the “window on the world”. In addition to the monitor, the media light and the scanner as a standardized input medium are also at the center of the discussion.

In the formal implementation of his works, Günther Selichar works in a reduced and minimalist way and adds a significant medial aspect to the history of abstraction, which has numerous cross-references to painting. Especially today, in an increasingly digitized world, Selichar’s works are more relevant than ever.

The curatorial team of Kerstin Stremmel and Andrea Lehner-Hagwood designed an exhibition of Günther Selichar’s work for the Salzburg Museum der Moderne.

Günther Selichar: Schirmherrschaft
26.11. 2022 05.03. 2023
MdM – Museum der Moderne, Salzburg / Mönchsberg