vorarlberg museum: What is Important to Us / Bregenz, Vorarlberg

03.12. 2022 – März 2023

What do we want to preserve from our cultural heritage? What do we let sink into the pas?. Anna Jermolaewa’s fallen statue of Lenin, whose broken head lies on the ground next to it, makes it clear that the transfer of cultural heritage to next generations is always determined by the ideological paradigms prevailing at the time.

Whether works of art, architecture, customs or crafts a society defines itself not least through its cultural past. Opinions, however, differ widely as to what counts as part of cultural heritage today. And cause controversy when you think of monuments to former politicians, for example.

The cultural heritage is no longer predetermined by tradition, it always has to be renegotiated if it wants to be as inclusive as possible and thus identity-forming. Numerous Austrian artists make a contribution to this debate in the exhibition What is important to us! In the vorarlberg museum.

Was uns wichtig ist
03.12. 2022 – März 2023
vorarlberg museum
Bregenz, Kornmarktplatz 1