Porphyra – Magdalena Forster & Milena Georgieva / Kunstraum Remise, Bludenz, Vorarlberg

Porphyra - Magdalena Forster und Milena Georgieva, Foto: © Sebastian Köck / allerArt Bludenz
Porphyra - Magdalena Forster

10.3. – 16.4.2023

A performance and installation of matter and sound – the composer and sound artist Milena Georgieva and the choreographer and performance artist Magdalena Forster work with fabric in the form of matter, sound and gesture.

In the performative interaction with each other and the matter, membranes emerge like a second skin, wrinkled and porous. The bodies encounter expansive and penetrating sound, tactile and textured like cloth. They rub against each other, speak into each other and entangle themselves in gestures from kinetic and sonic archives.

Sediments of the performance remain in the exhibition space and can be experienced as an independent installation.

Curating artist: Luka Jana Berchtold

Porphyra – Magdalena Forster & Milena Georgieva
10.3. – 16.4.2023
Kunstraum Remise
Am Raiffeisenplatz 1
6700 Bludenz