“Schaulust!” Pornography and everyday life / Volkskundemuseum, Graz / Styria

Courtesy diethARdT collection Graz und Galerie Nagel Draxler, Berlin/​Köln/​München, Foto: (c) Simon Vogel


2020 was a mixed year: pandemic, economic recession – but also a year of porn and porn discourse. Already during the first lockdown, Pornhub was counted in business news among those companies that profited from no-contact and boredom. The downside: according to the New York Times, the platform was flooded with rape videos, revenge porn and “authentic” depictions of violence. Reason enough to take a closer, genuinely cultural anthropological look at the pop-cultural medium of pornography with an exhibition curated by Peter Hörz.

“Schaulust!” Pornography and everyday life
Volkskundemuseum am Paulustor