Mountainfilm International Filmfestival 2023/ Congress & Schubertkino, Graz

Mountainfilm Graz 2023, Annapurna III © Mikhail Fomin

14.11.2023 – 18.11.2023

For more than three decades, it has been a fixture for mountain sports and adventure enthusiasts – the Mountainfilm Festival. It has been hosted and organised by Hans-Robert Schauer, himself a former high-altitude mountaineer and cameraman. With the latest outdoor films and talks by well-known personalities from the alpine scene – this year’s participants include alpine greats Thomas Huber and Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner. Two people who are no strangers to endurance and enduring hardship, but who take very different approaches to their achievements, will talk about their adventures live on stage at Mountainfilm Graz 2023.
Incidentally, 29 films from the local film scene are taking part in the “Kamera Alpin Austria” competition this year.

Mountainfilm International Filmfestival 2023
14.11.2023 – 18.11.2023
Congress Graz & Schubertkino