Looming at the Horizon / Kunstforum Montafon, Vorarlberg

Tower of Babel (c) Andreas Werner

03.12.2023 – 28.01.2024

Juxtapositions have a long tradition at Kunstforum Montafon and offer artists an excellent opportunity to redefine and reposition themselves. The works of Johanna Tinzl and Andreas Werner come together in Looming at the Horizon.
Questions about the future and the disappearance of glaciers – two controversial topics that Johanna Tinzl addresses in her film and with sculptures at the Kunstforum Montafon. Ghosts and spectres will appear in the film, negotiating folk and folklore culture as a field of reappraisal, counterculture and criticality in the Alpine region.
Andreas Werner – who works primarily in the medium of drawing – will present large-format pencil drawings on paper on the walls of the Kunstforum Montafon. Opposite them, self-made display cases will be placed in the room. By combining different works that are shown in the display cases, they create a dialogue that subtly expands his large-format individual drawings and embeds them in multi-layered narratives.

Looming at the Horizon
03.12.2023 – 28.01.2024
Kunstforum Montafon
Kronengasse 6
6780 Schruns