Jan von Holleben – SugarWow / Leica Galerie, Salzburg

(c) Jan von Holleben - Sweet, Leica M

08.12.2023 – 17.02.2024

A land of milk and honey that consists only of sugar; this is exactly what the SugarWow exhibition is all about.
“No other drug is so widespread and nobody can do without it. Sugar is simply the most amazing thing for us creatures. I wanted to immerse myself completely in this world. I was particularly interested in the classic sweets, which had a clear design language,” says photographer Jan von Holleben.
The aesthetically colourful pictures, whose subjects are made up entirely of sweet sugar materials, show the variety of colours and shapes of what is probably one of the most important foods of our time, but also a very critical topic that has become an integral part of our society.
In his pictures, the artist takes the viewer on a journey to experience sugar differently and to engage with the subject. Humorous, aesthetic and decorative elements enter into an essential symbiosis that invites us to smile.

Jan von Holleben – SugarWow
08.12.2023 – 17.02.2024
Leica Galerie
Gaisbergstraße 12
5020 Salzburg