Peter Dressler – Local inspection / FOTOHOF, Salzburg

(c) Peter Dressler, Aus der Serie »Lokalaugenschein«, Hotel National, Chisinau, 2006

01.12.2023 − 27.01.2024

As an artist, academy teacher, collector and critical participant in the art scene, Peter Dressler has influenced Austrian photography like no other personality since the 1970s.
Dressler’s interest in photography has always been rooted in (art) history. His early departure from the single-image principle, the development of his own visual language and subsequently of associative and narrative sequences – complex and witty in equal measure – and his insistence on formal definitions – image format, cropping, print quality, form of presentation – stand for a confident artistic attitude in dealing with the possibilities of the medium.
The current exhibition, curated by Brigitte Blüml-Kaindl and Rainer Iglars, reflects Dressler’s lifelong interest in our Eastern European neighbours and their photography. In previously unseen groups of works, we follow Dressler to Prague, Bucharest or Chișinău and experience his sensitivity for the “spirit of the place”, his humour and sense of sometimes absurd comedy.

Peter Dressler – Local inspection
01.12.2023 − 27.01.2024
Inge-Morath-Platz 1
5020 Salzburg