Gabi Mitterer – Löcher im Licht / Bildraum Bodensee, Vorarlberg

Gabi Mitterer, 22 Stripes, 2005, Öl/Acryl auf Leinwand, 110 x 130 cm © Bildrecht, Wien 2023

16.12.2023 – 08.02.2024

Gabi Mitterer has been working with geometry, construction, abstraction and digital aesthetics for almost 20 years. She is particularly interested in optical structures and contexts.
In meticulous colour gradients, Gabi Mitterer explores the interplay of colours without resorting to impressionist or expressionist dispositives. The colour ‘grey’ is something like the common thread of these pictorial investigations and reflections. Grey functions as an element of identity and difference. Missing pixels and image distortions become the zero points of this pictorial analysis, as the most diverse colour contexts unfold a game with perception and refuse any ideology of a naturalness of seeing.

Gabi Mitterer – Löcher im Licht
16.12.2023 – 08.02.2024
Bildraum Bodensee
Seestraße 5
6900 Bregenz