25th International Accordion Festival 2024 / Vienna, various locations

Louise Jallu © Sylvain Gripoix

24.02.2024 – 17.03.2024

This year’s programme offers something tried and tested, but will not only focus on this, but will also once again make a core ambition of the accordion festival tangible.
The most striking innovation in 2024 is the streamlining of the programme, from the opening with Milos Todorovski’s TANGO 5 in the Ehrbarsaal to the closing concert with CAAMAñO&AMEIXERAS (ES) and MAXJOSEPH (DE) in the Metropol, there will be three weeks in the anniversary year in which Robin Gillard, as technical director of the festival, will continue to set the most diverse music in the best possible sound and also shape the increased presence of the accordion festival in the digital space.
The cultural and festival work begun by Friedl Preisl in the name of the multifaceted instrument with its vast artistic possibilities, from “real” to imaginary folk music, from (new) Viennese music to the music of the most diverse worlds, from jazz to classical music, from its suitability as a solo instrument to accordion orchestras, will be led by Franziska Hatz and Lisa Reimitz for the first time in 2024, both curatorially and structurally.

25th International Accordion Festival 2024
24.02.2024 – 17.03.2024
Various locations