Festival of Architecture TURN ON 2024 / Das MuTh in Wien

Hochbau 2 TU Wien, Design Studio versatile space (s)© Hertha Hurnaus

23.02.2024 – 24.02.2024

The topic of “turning point”, which was the focus of the last festival, remains virulent. And yet key problems from the previous year, such as disrupted supply chains and energy bottlenecks, have receded into the background.
At the same time, developing and implementing strategies to combat climate change remains an ongoing challenge. Finally, the crisis in the construction industry has been added to the list. The challenges are therefore constantly changing, they are extremely diverse and culminate in one question: What can, or should the prospects be for society in general and construction in particular?
This year’s programme presents initiatives that respond to the challenges outlined and documents strategic changes in the industry. It focuses on fundamental topics of the increasingly complex construction process, but also on building culture in its very own sense, presented using specially selected current examples. The programme tracks TURN ON PARTNER on Friday and TURN ON on Saturday form the framework for this. What building culture actually is and whether it could be created in the respective example is often a difficult question. The search for answers is also part of the programme.

Festival of Architecture TURN ON 2024
23.02.2024 – 24.02.2024
Das MuTh in Wien
Am Augartenspitz 1
1020 Vienna