“Water – enjoy – use – fear” / Volkskunde Museum Monatsschlössl Hellbrunn, Salzburg

„Wasser – genießen · nutzen · fürchten“ im Volkskunde Museum. © Salzburg Museum/Herbert Rohrer

23.03.2024 – 01.11.2024

In the current exhibition, objects from the museum’s collections are juxtaposed with scientific findings and statistics on the enjoyment, consumption and dangers of water. Water is both vital and life-threatening: people need, enjoy and fear it. Extreme weather events are perceived as a danger and are increasing with climate change. The exhibition focuses on current and historical attempts to control water. Historical votive images bear witness to storms and flood disasters. Weather forecasts, hydrological measurements, flood defence structures and contingency plans create a sense of security that is put to the test in an emergency.

“Water – enjoy – use – fear”
23.03.2024 – 01.11.2024
Volkskunde Museum
Monatsschlössl Hellbrunn
5020 Salzburg