Playing Entity / esc medienkunstlabor, Graz, Styria

Playing Entity, © esc medien kunst labor

04.04.2024 – 03.05.2024

With the current exhibition, esc offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in cyberspace. Under the title Playing Entity, three artists – Vitória Cribb, Justine Emard and Flavia Mazzanti – open up playful approaches to new visual worlds and playing with realities.

Vigilance. Deviation of attention. Digital bodies x digital presence. Immateriality x materiality. Vigilant avatars observe the movements of others in cyberspace, remaining calm and distant, observing who is watching and admiring them. They take on different forms when listening and watching others via screens.

Hyperphantasia, A New Prehistory – Justine Emard (FRA)
From the depths of the cave to the depths of the brain: in the Palaeolithic era, people plunged into the depths and darkness of caves to leave signs of the human spirit on rock faces. Justine Emard has trained an artificial neural network to generate new images of prehistory using a scientific database on the Chauvet-Pont-d’Arc cave. Hyperphantasia creates a space that encompasses 36,000 years of image technologies.

NEXUM – Flavia Mazzanti (BRA/ITA/AUT)
Space as a “product of subjective projection and introjection”, as a repository of all affective sensations, as an active element in dialogue with its inhabitants. In Nexum, the separation of subject and object is almost completely dissolved in favour of interwoven configurations. Space and its visitors fluctuate in a reciprocal state of mutual becoming.

Playing Entity
04.04.2024 – 03.05.2024
esc medienkunstlabor
Bürgergasse 5, 8010 Graz